All About Giada
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All About Giada!

Hello! My name is Giada and I'm the owner of Rugrats Rule! This is my personal web site which was created to let you know a little about me. First of all, I absolutly LOVE Rugrats!! I watch them every day and I try not to miss a single episode. I have seen every episode which has been aired and I've seen the movie! I collect every Rugrats item I can get my hands on! From cereal boxes with the Rugrats printed on them, to figureines, I have many, many, Rugrats items!

I also collect Beanie Babies. Currently, I have over 70. My favorite ones are Flip, Princess, Erin, and Milliminum. So explore my personal page, and have fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St Patrick's Day! It's time to celebrate that fun, Irish holiday! Are you planning to wear green this year? I am. I'm wearing a green sweater, green beed rings which I made, and green hair assories. Even though St. Patrick's Day is not a big holiday, I enjoy celebrating it as if it was!

Have you seen my new quizzes at my Rugrats Rule! site? There's a easy quiz, a medium quiz, and a hard quiz. I've also re-hidden Tommy's lost bottle in a much harder to find location! There's lots of new updates which have been made to my site, so check it out!

My mom recently made a gardening site. I helped her make it and it's pretty good. If you or if anyone you know enjoys gardening, please visit her site!