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Phil and Lil DeVille are those adorable twins!!

We have a NEW background!  Hopefully this one will be nicer to your eyes than the last one!

     Finally!  A web site that gives Phil and Lil DeVille the attention they deserve!  For years, those adorable twins just sat in the background and watched Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica stand in the spotlight.  The cute, funny, and sometimes disgusting twins were often just pushed aside and overlooked, but now it's their time to shine! 
     Welcome to
Those Adorable Twins!  This is the first, and currently the only web site dedicated to Phil and Lil!  Please enjoy all of the activities, and also, please visit my other, larger, Rugrats site, Rugrats Rule and my sister's ballet site, Bianca's Ballet Barre.  Thanks!

Phil and Lil are great!

Why are the twins so great?  Click here to find out!

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