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How Big a Phil and Lil fan are you?

     Below you can find out how you did on the quiz.  If you choose all B's, e-mail me and I'll list you as one of Phil and Lil's # 1 fans!  If choose all but one B, and four C's, e-mail me to be listed as a Phil and Lil fan!

Here are some of Phil & Lil's #1 fans:
Giada Arney (me)
Abigail Rose
Chantelle Walsh
Daniel McDonald
Jack D. Daniels
Katy Ford
To be listed here, e-mail me. 

If you choose…
all B's,
You're a total, complete, Phil and Lil fan!!  You an I would really get along!  E-mail me to be listed as one of  Phil and Lil's #1 fans!

If you choose…
4 B's and 1 C,
You're a Phil and Lil fan!  E-mail me to be listed as a twins fan!

If you choose…
4 B's and 1 A,
You like Phil and Lil a lot!

If you choose…
2 B's and 3 C's,
You like Phil and Lil, but you like the other characters a little better.

Please remember that I have nothing to do with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo.  All titles, logos, and