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How well do you know Phil and Lil?  Find out on this fun quiz!

Phil and Lil Quiz

Write down the letter you choose, then compare your answers to the ones on the bottom of this page.
1) Who said this line, "Wow!  I didn't know there were so many leaves on the tree."?
a. Phil
b. Lil
c. neither

2) Who said this line, "I don't need no stinky shovel."?
a. Phil
b. Lil
c. Tommy

3) What's Phil and Lil's favorite food?
a. ice cream
b. milk
c. worms

4) Why did Phil pretend to be Chuckie and Lil pretend to be Angelica in the episode Twins Pique?
a. They were tired of being mistaken for one another.
b. They wanted to see what life was like from a different person's point of view.
c. Angelica made them do it.

5) What color is the twins hair?
a. red
b. blond
c. brown

6) What bird do the twins have on their clothes?
a. a bluebird
b. a duck
c. a swan

ANSWERS No cheating!
1=b, 2=a, 3=c, 4=a, 5=c, 6=b

If you missed…
5 or 6 you need to watch more Phil and Lil.
4 or 3 you did pretty good!
2 or 1 you must watch Rugrats all the time!
If you got 0 wrong, you must be a Phil and Lil fan too!

Those Adorable Twins
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