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Here are some unusual facts about Phil and Lil.

Questions You may

Here are some interesting Phil and Lil facts.

Who's older?  Phil or Lil?
We learned in the episode Pedal Pusher that Lil was older than Phil.

Who plays Phil and Lil's voice?
Kath Soucie plays both Phil and Lil's voice.  She also performs the voice of Betty, the twin's mom.  If anybody happens to know Kath Soucie's e-mail, please let me know!  I'd love to mail her! 

How can you tell the twins apart?
Here are all of the differences between Phil and Lil:
*Lil wears a bow but, Phil doesn't.
*Phil wears blue shorts
*Phil's shoes are blue, Lil's are pink.
*At first, Phil had no earlobes, but later on they were added.

How old are Phil and Lil?
Phil and Lil's exact age was a mystery to me for a long time, until I read that they were 15 months old. 

When is their birthday?
According to a nice person who signed my Guestbook, Phil and Lil's birthday is on March 17.
NOTE: This information is not necessarily true. 

The voice of Phil and Lil, Kath Soucie.

Those Adorable Twins
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